Sunday, March 29, 2009

Arab foreign ministers talk on Somali matters in Doha meeting

The Arab foreign ministers have held meeting in the Qatari capital Doha and discussed more on the Somali matters overnight, official said on Sunday.
Abu Baker Al Qirbi, a Yemeni foreign minister talked more about Somalia and suggested for the Arab countries in the meeting to give the Somali government $3 million each month as support of the Arab countries.
Sharif Hassan Sheik Aden, a finance minister of the Somali government who attended the meeting in Doha said that his government wants to be supported a budget which the Arab countries are required to play good role for the development of Somali government.
Nevertheless reports say that the secretary general of Arab league Mr. Amir Musa say more on Somalia but did not talk about the matters relating on the foreign troops specially the African peacekeepers in the Somali capital Mogadishu saying that the role of the Arab countries on that issue is a one which they will discuss as to be part of the peace keeping and the security of Somalia.
The Arab foreign ministers did not agree any issue about Somalia yet but they had agreed to support the Somalia government saying that they lastly submitted the decision to the Qatari prince who is expected to present the issue to the Arab heads those ate expected to attend a meeting that is due to be in held in the Qatari capital Doha today.
Reports say that the Somali president Sharif Sheik Ahmed is planning to fly to Qatar and due to be part of the Arab heads attending the meeting in Doha city which will be opened there.
Some the Somali government officials condemned the Arab countries that they don not support Somalia as they support the other countries like Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine saying that the support of the Arab countries for Somalia is an oral only.
The Arab leaders had met in the Algerian capital Algiers before two years as Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed was the president of the Somali transitional government and agreed to support $26 million but the government officials said that it was not paid and pointed out that is was a promise only.
Anyhow it is unclear yet how today's meeting of the Arab leaders will be held in Doha and what results will come out from it.

Somalia: Government asks Somalis to fast for 4 days

The Somali government of national unity has urged its citizens to observe 4 days of fasting mainly to solicit Allah to unburden them problems such as war, drought and starvation.
The Minister for office of the religion in the current government of Somalia Sheikh Noor Ali Adan has held a press conference in his office on Sunday, and appealed the Somalis in and out of the country to fast for 4 days asking Allah the most merciful to unburden them the current scenario the country is in.
“In the past few weeks my ears were hearing some bad reports coming from some regions in Somalia where by stern starvation and scarcity of water has stricken, God is very merciful to his creation and it is merely us who are disobedient to him so thus let us fast for 4 days of forgiveness, and come to gather on the coming Friday so that we ask God for rain for there is heavy drought, in the country” said Sheikh Noor Ali Adan the Minister for religion department in a press conference on Sunday.
The Minister also requested from the Humanitarian aid organizations to response to this Humanitarian disaster in some of the regions in Somalia .
This statement from the Minister coincides at a time when many people and livestock in some regions in Somalia particularly in the lower shabelle, middle shabelle, lower Juba and middle Juba have died due to starvation and luck of water.

Somalia: Sudan and Libya pledged to arbitrate the rival sides

The President of the war –ravaged country Somalia his Excellency Sheikh Shariff Sheikh Ahmed has said that Sudan and Libya has promised him that they would sincerely and devotedly take part bin the mediation between his current government of national unity and its adversary particularly the Asmara based group.
“I have not been out in some 7 countries in Africa for leisure and picnics, but for the purpose of our country which is walking lamely
behind the developed countries in the world, in the countries I had visited they have all promised to do anything possible they can do to salvage Somalia, but the two countries that is Sudan and Libya promised me that they would be fully engaged in the mediating the repelling groups in Somalia” said Somali president Shariff.
Somali president has also added that he is very much optimistic that this current of Somalia would be a functional one, and would try to reach the entire retreating groups in Somalia .
Somalia has not had robust functional government since late Mohammed Siyad Bare was toppled from power in the year 1991.

Somalia: President Shariff takes off to Doha Qatar

Delegation from the Somali government of national unity spearheaded by the Somali President his Excellency Sheikh Shariff Sheikh Ahmed has on Sunday taken off from Adan Ade international airport heading towards the capital city of Qatar Doha where they would be attending a summit where by Arab head of states would meet.

The meeting would open on Monday, and the current issue of Somalia and Sudan would be one of the key points which the Arab head of states would discuss into deep.

Heavy vigilant police and the former forces of the Islamic Courts Union who are now part of the government forces were deployed along Maka Al-Mukarama street towards the airport where the motorcade guarding the president were passing.

The president of Somalia president Shariff has some two days ago arrived from some 7 countries in Africa for a tour of duty which has taken some two weeks.

President Shariff the former head of the Islamic Courts Union was elected as the president of Somalia on the 31st of January in a landslide election in the Djiboutian capital Djibouti despite some Islamists group who against his presidency.